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Marco Dorjee is a distinguished professional renowned for his expertise in
business development, product development, manufacturing, procurement,
solution development, and third-party relationship management within multitier commercial enterprises. His career is distinguished by a robust technical background encompassing imaging technology, wireless, antenna technology, IoT (Internet of Things), APIs, and computing systems.

Throughout his career, Marco has been instrumental in driving strategic
initiatives to foster growth and expansion in various sectors. His profound
understanding of market dynamics, coupled with his adeptness in identifying opportunities, has been instrumental in establishing successful business partnerships and maximizing revenue streams.

In the realm of product development, Marco Dorjee has demonstrated exceptional vision and innovation, leading the conceptualization, design, and implementation of groundbreaking products. His proficiency in managing the entire product lifecycle, from inception to market launch, has resulted in
the delivery of cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.

With a keen eye for operational efficiency and quality assurance, Marco has excelled in manufacturing and procurement roles. His strategic approach to supply chain management and procurement processes has consistently optimized costs while ensuring the highest standards of product quality and

Furthermore, Marco's strong technical background in antenna technology, APIs, and protocols has been instrumental in facilitating seamless integration and connectivity across diverse platforms and systems. His proficiency in these areas has played a pivotal role in driving innovation and enhancing the
functionality of products and solutions.
With a proven track record of success and a deep commitment to excellence, Marco Dorjee stands as a versatile leader capable of navigating the complexities of modern business environments and driving sustainable growth through innovation and strategic partnerships.

Current position
At, Marco assumes an executive role, spearheading the LEO program. This initiative empowers the company to harness in-flight connectivity through the Iridium Certus network. The program extends its benefits to both passenger services, such as payment validation, and airline services, including ACARS communication.