Workshop 2, Topic 3: Ancillary Use Cases – How to Curate the Best Personalized Media Content Offering

As we embark on this exploration, let’s consider the immense possibilities personalization holds for enhancing passenger experience and generating ancillary revenue.

How do we strike the right balance in offering content that resonates personally with a diverse group of passengers? We will explore strategies like utilizing AI and machine learning algorithms, analyzing passenger data, and diversifying content to cater to varied tastes and preferences.

The practical aspects of implementing these systems are as crucial as the strategy itself. We’ll tackle topics such as respecting data privacy, navigating technology infrastructure challenges, and establishing fruitful content partnerships. How do we continually refine content offerings based on passenger feedback and evolving preferences?

APEX IFEC Workshop Format

Workshop 2: Ancillary Use Cases

Topic 3: How to Curate the Best-Personalized Media Content Offering

Total Duration: 45 Minutes
*Timing subject to change following further details established by moderator.

  1. Initial Roundtable Discussion (10 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:00 – 0:10
    • Table Captain opens the discussion on the importance and methods of curating personalized media content offerings as a means to enhance passenger experience and generate ancillary revenue.
    • Participants share their experiences and challenges in personalizing media content, discussing factors such as passenger demographics, preferences, and engagement metrics.
  2. Focused Discussion – Personalization Strategies (15 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:10 – 0:25
    • The conversation dives into various strategies for personalizing media content, including the use of AI and machine learning algorithms, passenger data analysis, and content diversity.
    • Participants discuss the balance between offering tailored content and maintaining a broad appeal to cater to a diverse passenger base.
  3. Implementing and Optimizing Personalized Content (15 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:25 – 0:40
    • Table Captain leads a discussion on the practical aspects of implementing personalized media content systems, including data privacy concerns, technology infrastructure, and content partnerships.
    • Brainstorming session on innovative ways to collect and utilize passenger feedback and preferences to continually refine content offerings.
  4. Conclusion and Next Steps (5 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:40 – 0:45
    • The session concludes with the Table Captain summarizing key insights on creating an effective personalized media content strategy for ancillary revenue generation.
    • Scribe prepares a clear summary of the discussion, capturing the agreed-upon personalization strategies and potential impacts on passenger satisfaction and revenue enhancement.