Workshop 2, Topic 2: Ancillary Use Cases – Relevance of e-Commerce Use Cases and Inflight Payment

This session is all about unlocking the potential of e-commerce and inflight payment systems as key revenue drivers.

E-commerce in the skies is not just a convenience; it’s a revolution in how passengers shop and interact. We’ll explore how to make inflight e-commerce platforms more appealing and user-friendly. What does it take to convert browsing into buying at 35,000 feet? Let’s discuss personalization strategies, real-time inventory management, and exclusive in-air shopping deals that can transform passenger experience into revenue.

Payment systems are the backbone of any e-commerce platform. We’ll delve into the challenges and solutions around implementing secure, convenient, and seamless payment systems onboard. How do we address connectivity limitations and ensure transaction security? What role can loyalty programs play in encouraging purchases mid-air?

APEX IFEC Workshop Format

Workshop 2: Ancillary Use Cases

Topic 2: Relevance of E-commerce Use Cases and Inflight Payment

Total Duration: 45 Minutes
*Timing subject to change following further details established by moderator.

  1. Initial Roundtable Discussion (10 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:00 – 0:10
    • Table Captain facilitates a discussion on the relevance and potential of e-commerce platforms and inflight payment solutions as ancillary revenue sources.
    • Participants discuss the current landscape of inflight e-commerce, customer buying behaviors, and the integration of payment systems into the inflight experience.
  2. Focused Discussion – Enhancing E-commerce Platforms (15 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:10 – 0:25
    • The conversation explores strategies to enhance the effectiveness of e-commerce platforms inflight, including personalized product offerings, real-time inventory updates, and exclusive in-air shopping deals.
    • Discussion on the implementation of secure and convenient payment systems, addressing challenges like connectivity limitations and transaction security.
  3. Optimizing Inflight E-commerce and Payment Solutions (15 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:25 – 0:40
    • Participants brainstorm innovative approaches to optimize inflight e-commerce, such as using passenger data for personalized recommendations and enhancing user interfaces for ease of use.
    • Exploration of partnerships with e-commerce brands, and integration of loyalty programs to incentivize inflight purchases.
  4. Conclusion and Next Steps (5 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:40 – 0:45
    • Table Captain synthesizes the session’s key points, focusing on actionable strategies for optimizing inflight e-commerce and payment solutions.
    • Scribe documents a clear summary of the discussion, highlighting potential e-commerce strategies and technological innovations.