Panel 3: Most Promising Ancillary and Passenger Experience Use Cases and Their Dependency on IFC.

Embark on a journey into the realm of ancillary and passenger experience use cases, exploring the most promising innovations and their intricate dependency on In-Flight Connectivity (IFC). This session will uncover the transformative potential of IFC in elevating ancillary services and enhancing the overall passenger journey.

From personalized entertainment options and immersive in-flight experiences to streamlined onboard transactions and real-time passenger engagement, we will delve into a spectrum of use cases that are poised to redefine the airline industry. Participants will gain valuable insights into the symbiotic relationship between cutting-edge ancillary services and the seamless connectivity facilitated by IFC.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how airlines can leverage IFC to unlock new dimensions of passenger satisfaction, operational efficiency, and revenue generation. Whether you’re a technologist, aviation professional, or simply curious about the future of air travel, this session promises a captivating exploration of the synergies between In-Flight Connectivity and the most promising ancillary and passenger experience use cases.

Moderator: Helga Bjarnadottir, Director, Products & Service Management, Iceland Air


  • Ben Asmar, Vice President of Products and Strategy, Safran
  • Asif Khan, Senior Vice President – Entertainment, West Entertainment
  • Marco Dorjee, Program Director, LEO, AirFi
  • Mark Smith, Sales Director, AERQ
  • Maneesha Bhate, VP Strategic Partnerships and Business Development for Digital and IFE, Thales