Panel 3: From Data to Destination: Optimizing Passenger Journeys with Environmental, Personal, and Behavioral Insights

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of leveraging data across the passenger journey, driving a multitude of innovative use cases. In this session, we will delve into the vast landscape of data points, ranging from environmental factors to personal and behavioral insights, and unravel how capturing and utilizing this data can revolutionize the entire passenger experience.

Participants will gain a deep understanding of the diverse data sources available throughout the passenger journey and explore practical strategies for collecting and harnessing this information effectively. From environmental conditions influencing travel preferences to personal and behavioral data shaping customized services, this session will showcase real-world applications and success stories.

Moderator: Haley Meidell, Principle Analyst, zeroG


  • Vincent Campana, Chief Revenue Officer Crew & Passenger, HRS Crew & Passenger Solutions
  • Benny Retnamony, Founder & CEO, Neuron
  • Kate Groth, President, West Entertainment
  • Paul Colley, Chief Technology Officer, Spafax
  • Richard Kroon, Director of Technical Operations, EIDR