Workshop 1, Topic 1: IFC Deep Dive – How Do We Measure the Quality of Experience?

Join this explorative session on measuring the quality of In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) experiences. This workshop is not just about discussing what makes a high-quality IFC experience but also about identifying key indicators that truly matter to passengers and airlines alike.

We will embark on a journey through various dimensions of IFC, starting with user satisfaction. How do we gauge if our connectivity services meet passenger expectations? Is it just about speed and reliability, or are there other nuances we’re missing? We will then navigate through the world of service consistency – how uniform experiences across different flights and aircraft types contribute significantly to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

This discussion will also touch upon the value addition aspect. How does enhancing IFC experiences contribute to the overall journey of a passenger? What benefits do airlines stand to gain by investing in quality IFC? This is a chance for us to dissect the multifaceted nature of IFC, exchange experiences, and share innovative ideas.

APEX IFEC Workshop Format

Workshop 1: IFC Deep Dive

Topic 1: How Do We Measure the Quality of Experience?

Total Duration: 45 Minutes
*Timing subject to change following further details established by moderator.

  1. Initial Roundtable Discussion (10 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:00 – 0:10
    • Table Captain facilitates brief introductions of each participant, highlighting their interest or experience related to IFC.
    • Opening question posed by the Table Captain: “What are the key indicators of a high-quality IFC experience?”
    • Participants share initial thoughts and perspectives, facilitated by the Table Captain.
  2. Focused Discussion – Key Measurement Areas (15 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:10 – 0:25
    • Discussion steered towards three key areas:
      1. User Satisfaction: Reliability, speed, and ease of access.
      2. Service Consistency: Across different flights and aircraft types.
      3. Value Addition: Enhancements to passenger experience and airline benefits.
    • Each participant contributes insights and experiences relevant to these areas, guided by the Table Captain.
  3. Synthesis and Identification of Outcomes (15 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:25 – 0:40
    • Table Captain leads a collaborative effort to identify three key outcomes or conclusions from the discussion.
    • Scribe ensures that each outcome is clearly documented, agreed upon by all table members, and concise.
  4. Conclusion and Next Steps (5 Minutes)
    • Time Allotted: 0:40 – 0:45
    • Table Captain summarizes the session’s key findings and outcomes.
    • Brief discussion on potential applications of these outcomes in enhancing IFC experiences.
    • Scribe prepares a concise summary of the discussion for submission or presentation.