APEX TECH Schedule

Please join us for the next APEX TECH in Los Angeles on 28-29 February 2024.

Together with these volunteers, the APEX TECH Committee will further detail the below agenda. It would be great to have you on board for this! Stay tuned for a call for contributions.

The next APEX TECH will focus on the subjects of (to be further detailed):

Inflight Connectivity
– LEO deployments, timeline, technology, benefits
– How does LEO complement GEO and vice versa; what is the best IFC setup for airlines in the future
– Latest status of software defined modems, ESAs, etc.
– The commercials of next gen IFC services and what airlines should consider
– Portal or not: different angles on a seamless passenger IFC journey
– How do we measure the quality of experience
Media Content and Supply Chain
– Automation of the media content supply chain: Achieving parity between IFE early-window and D2C-window
– Content avenues to the aircraft: streaming vs. AVOD vs. live TV vs. bring your own content
– Smart meta data: leveraging EIDR, LMT and Ad-ID
Accessible IFE: Pending legislation and the regulation of closed captioning and audio descriptions
Data Capture and Intelligence
– Different data points and how to capture them (environmental, personal, behavioral)
– How to use such data across the passenger journey driving a variety of use cases: content recommendation & discovery; updating content selection; personalized advertising; personalized ecommerce
– GDPR compliance and how to maneuver around it with a GDPR proxy (emulating GDPR)
– The role of generative AI and its application use cases
– The airframer’s angle: What can they contribute to the data lake and personalization use cases
Ancillary and Passenger Experience Use Cases
– Most promising ancillary use cases and their dependency on IFC
– How to drive passenger experience and loyalty leveraging data
– How to design tomorrow’s perfect passenger UI/UX and establish the necessary technical infrastructure