29 January Agenda - Day 1

Wednesday 29 January – Maximizing Revenue and Results from New Passenger Technology

8:00 – 9:00: Registration and Coffee

Welcome & Introduction

  • Katie Geraghty Goshgarian – Executive Director, APEX
  • Michael Childers – APEX Board Member and Technology Committee Chair, Lufthansa Systems

Keynote Address

Driving Seamless Airline Partnerships

  • Perry Cantarutti – SVP, Delta Air Lines


Thought Leadership Panel
Bridging Technology and Customer Experience

Learn from industry experts on how unifying technology and data are key to improving airline operations, customer experience and profits.

  • Moderator: Brian Sumers – Senior Aviation Business Editor, Skift
  • Panelists:
    • Andrés Castañeda – CMO/CXO, Aeroméxico
    • María Paula Duque – VP of Customer Experience, Avianca 
    • Claudia Fernandes – Director of Marketing Communications, Brand, and Culture, Azul 
    • Joshua Hirschheimer – Manager – Aerospace, Porsche Consulting Inc.
    • Edwin Edillon Jr. – Senior Director of Product Line, Safran Passenger Innovations

Keynote Address
Blending Marketing and Tech: The Rise of the New Japan Airlines and ZIPAIR

  • Akira Mitsumasu – VP of Global Marketing, Japan Airlines


Thought Leadership Panel
IFC Advancing the Industry
New generation inflight connectivity systems are being brought to market in a bid to deliver a faster and more consistent experience for passengers as well as drive operational efficiencies for airlines. But as passenger expectations grow – and more airlines look to offer a free Internet browsing tier – will the new antenna hardware deliver? 

This session will train the spotlight on the very latest innovations, from hybrid Ku/Ka-band antennas and VICTS-based satcom technology to nextgen air-to-ground (ATG) systems and electronically steerable antennas (ESAs). We’ll explore why some stakeholders appear likely to embrace shared network scenarios (be they GEO, GEO; GEO with low-latency LEO; and ultimately ATG, LEO, etc.) and mull what kind of antenna architecture and capacity will be required to accommodate such. 

We’ll discuss the demands of the modern airline passenger and the impact of digital natives; why business aviation will serve as a testing ground for some new IFC systems; and the challenges faced by airlines that want to replace their legacy IFC kit with new solutions. And we’ll consider whether integrating ESAs into composite fuselages is pie-in-the-sky thinking or may be viable in the future.

  • Moderator: Mary Kirby – Publisher, Founder and Editor, Runway Girl Network
  • Panelists:
    • Nancy Walker – Chief Commercial Officer, SmartSky Networks
    • Rebecca Wetzel – Director of Marketing, NetForecast 
    • Nicole Grainger –  Strategic Marketing Director, Collins Aerospace

Measuring IFEC from a Passenger Perspective
The APEX Connectivity Working Group will provide an update on its work toward developing a definition of metrics to uniformly and unambiguously measure the IFE and connectivity services provided to airlines.

  • Stephan Schulte – Senior Manager Fleet Procurement & Engines, Lufthansa 
  • Rich Evans – CEO, NetForecast 
  • Mary Rogozinski – IFEC Consultant, APEX Technology Committee

Thought Leadership Panel
Dynamic Content and Connectivity
Passengers are demanding a dynamic experience in the air and this includes quality connectivity, the ability to stream news, sports, and now live shows at the same time as their TV network timeslot. This session will explore who these travellers are and how new distribution paths can enable content delivery alongside connectivity, and fulfil passenger expectations of airlines of the future.

Thought Leadership Panel
The Next Generation of Connectivity and Content
Current limitations on inflight internet access will soon be a thing of the past as the next-generation of inflight connectivity is set to become a reality.  This panel will discuss some of the key technologies being developed the industry’s leading companies.

  • Moderator: Maryann Simpson – Director, APEX Media 
  • Panelists:
    • Paul Colley – SVP Technology, Spafax 
    • Ben Griffin – VP Commercial Aviation, OneWeb
    • Bill Milroy –  Chairman and CTO, ThinKom Solutions 

Thought Leadership Panel
The Power of IFEC Data for Driving Content Strategy and ROI

  • Kevin Birchmore – Global VP Technical Sales, Spafax 
  • Hali Hamilton – Manager Entertainment and Partnerships, Air Canada 

Thought Leadership Panel
5G Technologies

Awards Ceremony

APEX Reception

30 January Agenda - Day 2

Thursday 30 January – Content and Connectivity to the Cloud and Beyond

8:00-9:00: Registration and Coffee


  • Michael Childers – APEX Board Member and Technology Committee Chair, Lufthansa Systems

Keynote Address
Leaning in to Surpassing Expectations with Tech and Touch

  • Charu Jain – CIO, Alaska Airlines*


Keynote Address
Customer Data to Personalize Passenger Experience

  • Eash Sundaram – EVP Chief Technical & Digital Officer, JetBlue 
  • Fireside Chat with:  Joe Leader – CEO, APEX/IFSA

Keynote Address
SITA Single Key Biometrics: Advancing APEX’s Vision for Seamless Passenger Experience
The vision of a seamless passenger journey is now closer to reality than ever as airlines, airports, border agencies, governments and industry bodies continue to drive initiatives that will bring it about. The question is, how do you establish a scalable and globally-interoperable identity management system for air travel? One where passengers enroll once and then use one digital identity to travel the world to different airports and across borders?  This session will explore the 4 essential ingredients to making single token a reality.

  • Sherry Stein – CTO, SITA Americas


Keynote Address
Case study presentation with Inflight-VR and SunExpress

  • Matthias Walther – CMO, Inflight VR

Thought Leadership Panel
The Power of Ancillary Revenue: Advertising and Auxiliary Revenue
The ability to monetize IFE via a revolutionary approach to inflight advertising is becoming a reality. Inflight advertising is moving into the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Digital Place-based Advertising space. The APEX Advertising Delivery Working Group is creating a whole new approach to inflight advertising delivery, and the APEX Airline Advertising and Ancillary Revenue (ARC) Committee is looking to new opportunities as well. Come discuss the implementation in IFE.

  • Moderator: Joe Leader – CEO, APEX/IFSA
  • Panelists:
    • Michael Childers – APEX Board Member and Technology Committee Chair, Lufthansa Systems
    • Kim Creaven  P. Global Advertising, Sponsorships and Partner Marketing and APEX ARC Chair, Global Eagle Entertainment
    • Jelle De May – Sales Director Western USA, Spafax 
    • Andy Rosen –  APEX Advertising Delivery Working Group Chair, DSR
    • Mark Verone – VP Global Inflight Entertainment Content & Advertising Operations, Gogo

An Afternoon of Content Delivery Focus

Fireside Chat
Challenging Industry Expectations Through Music Rights Licensing
Music provisioning in IFE has undergone tremendous change and challenges in recent years with damaging legal issues, headset quality, and challenging new licensing terms. Iain Kemplay, a London-based consultant and music rights licensing expert, will discuss why the current provision fails and how a different delivery infrastructure can make better use of technology to more directly engage with passengers and provide a more complete and compelling journey experience.  

  • Iain Kemplay – Kemplay Consulting, Managing Director
  • Michael Childers – APEX Board Member and Technology Committee Chair, Lufthansa Systems


Fireside Chat
New Innovations in the Content Delivery Supply Chain

  • Craig Seidel – SVP Distribution Technology, MovieLabs 
  • Michael Childers – APEX Board Member and Technology Committee Chair, Lufthansa Systems

MovieLabs is a Hollywood on-ramp for advanced technologies, innovations in digital distribution, and new ways of engaging with consumers around motion pictures and television. The major motion picture studios have united to invest in accelerating the development of technologies essential to the creation and distribution of consumer media. This afternoon, a MovieLabs senior executive discusses with the APEX Technology Chair how these technologies and innovations impact the content exhibited inflight, and the content delivery supply chain that gets it there.

Following this conversation and remarks from Mr. Seidel, the discussion is broadened to include media and IFE experts in an interactive thought leadership panel.

Thought Leadership Panel
New Innovations in the Content Delivery Supply Chain (continued)
Throughout the afternoon, a series of panels, fireside chats, and presentations by industry leaders, content providers, CSPs, cloud services providers and technical experts will look at the evolving Content Delivery Supply Chain and important developments that impact IFE. This session will be highly interactive with experts and revolving panelists from within and outside IFE addressing a wide range of topics including:

Cloud Processing: The Promise of 24-48 Hour Delivery
IFE content delivery is moving into the cloud. But on what schedule and with what transition process? Experts from within and outside the IFE industry discuss how this will come about. When will the promise of 24 to 48-hour delivery to the aircraft become reality?


Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is a SMPTE standard for providing a single, interchangeable master file format and structure for the distribution of content between businesses around the world. IMF provides a framework for creating a true file-based final master. But studios have moved slowly toward implementation. Is it realistic to expect that an IFE profile(s) could be included and supported in the foreseeable future?


Content Metadata Identifiers: Language Metadata Tables (LMT), EIDR, and Ad-ID

Faster content integration workflows will be possible via a universal approach to language tagging using the Language Metadata Table (LMT), an open-source table of language metadata codes that identifies more than 200 languages. LMT is being praised by EIDR as “the standard of all standards.” What’s more, these new naming conventions will enable automated QC of languages, as described in this session. Participants in the LMT Working Group, led by HBO, include SMPTE, EIDR, MovieLabs, and Lufthansa Systems. 


Streaming Technologies: MPEG-DASH & Common Media Application Format (CMAF)

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP—also known as MPEG-DASH—is an adaptive bitrate streaming technique that enables high quality streaming of media content without an app. A proposed specification for the use of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP in IFE will be discussed. The holy grail of streaming is a single set of files that can safely deliver to all target endpoints. CMAF has emerged as the DNA of this interoperability effort. At a recent Streaming Media conference, the question was asked: “Is CMAF the holy grail, or just another media format?”


High Dynamic Range (HDR)

While airlines are excited about terms better known to consumers such as “high definition” and “4K”, High Dynamic Range (HDR) has greater potential in the IFE space because of its ability to improve picture quality—whiter whites, blacker blacks, and thousands of new colors—on almost any size screen. What is the deployment path for HDR in IFE?

Around a dozen expert panelists are expected, and include:

  • Craig Seidel – SVP Distribution Technology, MovieLabs 
  • Andy Beer – VP Technology, Spafax 
  • Joe Carreira -Managing Director, Touch Inflight Solutions 
  • Fereidoon Koshravi – SVP Business Development, Venera Technologies
  • Richard Kroon – Technical Director, EIDR 
  • Andy Rosen –  APEX Advertising Delivery Working Group Chair, DSR
  • Juraj Siska – Co-Founder, IdeaNova Technologies
  • Cloud services providers
  • Studios



*to be confirmed